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Thread: do red eyed crocodile skink need uvb and a heat lamp

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    Default do red eyed crocodile skink need uvb and a heat lamp

    iv seen on some post they do need both and some say they dont need them just a heat mat and whats substrate would be good

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    i made a care sheet on these guys at some point and i'm looking at it now. i wrote that they should have both a heat lamp and uvb, but then again, i haven't done as much research on them as i could. i really only do lots of research on an animal or species when i'm preparing to get one - my other care sheets are more for fun.
    i'm far more confident in the substrate part that i wrote, which says that newspaper, paper towel, and reptile carpet are simple and easy to replace/clean, but loose and more natural looking substrates tend to hold in humidity better. the two examples of these included are coco fiber and sphagnum moss.
    when it comes to the heat lamp vs. heat mat, i don't know if i'd be the best person to answer. i'd get uvb just to be safe, though, unless someone else here says otherwise. i don't think it'll do any harm.


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