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Thread: Shed Help!!!

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    Default Shed Help!!!

    A few mornings ago now I noticed shed all over my gecko's cage and when I took her out to examine her that night she was full of stuck shed!
    Then last night when I examined her she was milky white on almost all of her body except her head as though she was about to go into shed. She ate a ton of food last night and was active, but just didn't shed.
    I checked on her this morning and it was the same deal, she was just hiding in the hole of her tree so I removed her to make it easier to grab her for traveling today.

    I'm also a university student and I'm about to go home for thanksgiving so I need to wake her up this afternoon to put in my car - I know I should leave her alone but there's nothing I can do and she hasn't minded to drive too much before.

    Her humidity is fine: 50%-60% during the day and 80%-90% with about 75% of her screen top covered due to my apartment being very dry.

    Is this just a bad shed or will she need help when I arrive tonight? Is the stress from the drive going to prevent her from shedding at all?


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    You can always try a sauna in a smaller container if she is still having trouble once you are there.
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