hey everyone, as of yesterday when i took my little buddy out for a routine health check, i noticed a cloudy spot on his left eye. the spot is about 1/3 the size of his eye. I first assumed a bad shed and gave him a sauna as well as a gentle brushing with a q-tip in hopes to dislodge the skin. unfortunately nothing came off and doesn't seem to be a film on the outside of the eye. Thankfully I have an antibiotic ointment for his eyes arriving tomorrow as prescribed by his vet in case this is an infection of any sorts but the vet also told me this could be caused by UVB. I have a UVB bulb just to help the plants and keep a healthy day/night cycle but the day i noticed an issue with his eye is the same day he slept with that exact eye pointing directly at the light. So what do you guys think, have any of you guys ever heard of UVB causing this issue, now that i think of it, it seems obvious but id like to know if anyone has seen this before?
P.S: He is 3 months old, eating and pooping fine and isn't showing any discomfort or sluggishness and only noticed this yesterday