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Thread: Is my crested Gecko Impacted?

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    Question Is my crested Gecko Impacted?

    Recently i have noticed that my crested gecko likes to sleep with his butt in his water bowl. I used to find poops in his water but honestly for the past week or so haven't noticed a single poop. And since i haven't seen his poop is when he has been sleeping in his water bowl. I monitored his temperatures like crazy but he seems to do it even when his tank is relatively cold. Is he trying to get something out? He doesn't seem to be loosing weight and still eats when i present CGD on my finger to him. Hes very young but at a solid looking weight, getting a scale tomorrow for a more accurate measurement and he is fairly young.

    PS: He is in a 20 gallon tank, natural plants and on cocofiber, temperatures stick to about 75-80 during the day and drop slightly at night will good humidity.

    Thanks in advance

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    Itís hard to say. Usually impacted animals lose their appetite. Are you sure itís not pooping? It can be hard to see in cocofiber. If youíre really worried, switch to paper towels for a few days to monitor.

    I doubt having its bottom in the water is a sign of impaction. Cresties like doing weird things like that

    And yeah, a scale is super helpful for these things. Itís nearly impossible to tell the difference of 1g in weight, but if your animal is small, it could be a huge difference.

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    How old is your gecko? Good to weigh him - if he's less than 15 grams, I'd keep him on paper towel to avoid possible impaction.

    You could try giving him a warm water sauna to try and get him to poop. It's not uncommon for them to go off feed for a while, especially around shedding time, so he might be just fine. Do you always feed him from your finger, or does he have a bowl of food? Feeding off your finger as a regular practice can get him dependent on that, and then he won't eat on his own. Just asking because your post didn't say whether you're doing that just to get him to eat, or if that's your normal practice.
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    I think Iím going to chalk this one up as a weird one, took him out yesterday and he seems perfectly happy and jumpy. He also ate a ton while I watched him and didnít seem to have a loss of appetite. Very active as well. Yet another weird thing my little boy does . Thank for the help, certainly made me less paranoid

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    Always feed him from a bowl, just by finger when I want to check on his appetite every 2 weeks or so. Gonna give him his first weigh in tonight when he wakes up. Certainly eating well from what I saw yesterday and nice and jumpy like a baby crestie should be. Guess Iím just paranoid, want him to have the best life possible. As for age I believe around the 4 months-5 range. I think he just learned to not poop in his bowl anymore and as for the water butt thing, probably just likes a wet butt! Thanks for the help

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    My female crestie Pumpkin had some pretty bad constipation lately (confirmed by X-rays at the vet), which in her case may have had to do with her preference for insects and an overall voracious appetite, making her eat faster than she can digest.

    I also found her with her butt in her water bowl quite often while she was constipated, so you may be on to something with your gecko. Fortunately there are a lot of things you can do to help him.

    First, look out for signs of constipation. Here's what I noticed in my gecko:

    - rapid weight gain (4g in a week, on a 34 g gecko)
    - round and tight belly. Most notably, what I call the crestie's "ironing creases", i. e. the creases along the sides of the belly, almost vanished because the skin was pulled tight.
    - loss of appetite (though in Pumpkin's case, it takes some pretty bad constipation to stop her from eating)
    - irritability / not wanting to be touched. My crestie is normally very handleable, but she is also very vocal about wanting to be left alone.
    - irregular defecation

    And here is what helped:

    - daily soaks in drinking water, ideally until the gecko poops
    - mixing the gecko food with diluted pumpkin puree (high fiber), and feeding quite "watery" food
    - making sure the gecko is well hydrated at all times
    - no insects until the constipation clears up, and less / smaller insects afterwards. At the moment, I restricted Pumpkin to 1 - 2 roaches a week

    Keep monitoring the gecko's progress (smaller and softer belly, lower weight), as constipation does not clear up with a single poop.
    Good luck!
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