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Thread: best thing to feed ball python

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    Default best thing to feed ball python

    do rats and mice have the same Nutrition

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    Depending on the size of the snake depends on the food. If it's an adult BO, a small/med rat will be best.
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    In and of themselves, they are comparable in nutrition. (However, the diet of the rodent is also super important. If one place feeds crap and the other place feeds high quality, the latter will be more nutritious) The difference is in how big the snake is will determine what size food and how often it needs to be fed. If at all possible, try to get them on frozen/thawed. The biggest thing for me is that the freezing kills almost every kind of parasite. It's also cheaper and easier to buy a bulk of frozen and keep them on hand, than to have to go buy live every so often. And the third thing is that a dead rodent can't fight back and hurt your snake. However, if the snake is an adult and has only ever had live, getting them to switch can be very hard (or impossible, but you won't know that till you try a few times first).


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