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    Default Shed Help!!!

    So two mornings ago now I noticed shed all over my gecko's cage and when i when I took her out to examine her that night she was still covered in pieces of stuck shed!
    I took her out again last night and only her head had shed and the rest of her body was still a milky white.
    This morning I examined her and she was still looking like she was getting ready to shed, excluding her head. She ate a ton of her food last night and was moving around but didn't shed.
    Her humidity is fine: 50%-60% during the day and 80%-90% at night.
    I feel bad because I know I should leave her alone but I'm a university student about to go home for thanksgiving weekend so I'll have to wake her up this afternoon to put her in the car for a two hour drive - which she hasn't minded previously on the drive up, I don't think she even notices once she's back in her leaves asleep.

    Is this just a bad shed or should I be helping her when we arrive tonight? Is the drive going to stress her out to the point that she won't shed at all?


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    I havent had a bad shed with my gecko. I would get an extemely shallow (few millimetres deep) tub of water and sit the gecko in it incase that helps. If you dont have a humid hide, get a tub, make a doorway and put sphagnum moss or damp toilet roll in it. Leave that in the cage and spray every so often.

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