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Thread: Is Deep Cleaning Every Two Weeks Necessary?

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    Exclamation Is Deep Cleaning Every Two Weeks Necessary?

    I have had my adult crested gecko for 7 weeks now. The first time I cleaned her Exo Terra, it was 4 weeks after I got her because I totally forgot to clean it at the first 2 week mark! Now it's been three weeks since that clean, so I am cleaning right now
    My question is, is deep cleaning every two weeks neccessary? Her enclosure smells great, the glass is clean, and she does not poop/pee anywhere except on the paper towel or on her food ledge.
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    I have been doing mine every two or three weeks (usually two), just because I want to catch any problems before they start. If yours stays pretty clean, then maybe a deep clean once a month, and spot-cleaning in between would be fine.
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    I do a deep cleaning on mine once a month, but I use eco-earth so it helps eliminate odors and what not.


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