Hi all. Iím new to breeding Crested Geckos. I Have an adult male and female who are both healthy and thriving. Had them for about 18 months. The female recently laid some eggs which were promptly fished out of the substrate in their tank and into a small hummus pot to incubate with vermiculite as the substrate. The pot was kept at just above room temperature and 65ish days later two tiny geckos hatched.

After about 24 hours when they were both moving around properly, i moved the babies into a plastic lidded box (with air holes) about 4Ē high, 10Ē wide and 8Ē deep, lined with three or four sheets of dampened kitchen roll, a small section of cardboard tube so they had somewhere to hide, a small milk bottle cap with Pangea gecko food (changed every other day), and another with water.

They are 16 days old now and one looks fine, very active and I think is eating (or at least has been walking in the food and then all over the place). Iíve seen him licking his face near the food though Iíve not managed to catch sight of him actively eating.

The other looked a bit slow last night and was opening and closing his mouth wide. I thought he might be shedding and eating it so I left him alone. when I looked in on them this morning, the slower-looking one had died. Thereís also No evidence of shedding.

No evidence of fighting and I assume they must be eating as theyíre still alive after 16 days and thereís always a bit of mess (its either poo or food theyíve walked in). they are regularly misted so I donít think theyíve been dehydrated, in fact they may have been too wet possibly. Their temperature is always between 70 and 77 degrees (Fahrenheit) and their box has a good amount of condensation on the inside so it looks humid enough.

I can only think that it may have been starvation, though how would I check that? If they arenít eating, how do I make them eat? Or perhaps they were too cold (whatís the lowest temperature before itís dangerous for them?)

I would like the other one to not suffer the same fate so is there anything I should do to improve his situation?

Open to all suggestions.

Many thanks!