So my crested gecko has no eating problems and i feed him Pangea that has calcium,vitamins and all a gecko needs yet he has a kinked tail out of nowhere now.
I own him since he was 6 months old and 18 grams and now hes more than 1 year old and 34 grams so no problem there but i never bought repti calcium before
since pangea has calcium in it but now i did buy one cause i see even with pangea people add extra calcium into their diet.My gecko is not big on live food so
he ate only a few times but they were gutloaded with pangea.So how could he form a kinked tail?And how long will it take till its gone cause now I'm addig calcium into hes diet
and 2 weeks has past.Only half of hes tail is kinked ofc.Is there another reason for kinked tail?