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    We picked up a new friend today. I've been thinking of getting a second crestie and then someone on craigslist was moving and selling theirs. They said they'd had him for about three years but otherwise don't know his age. His enclosure was the saddest thing I've ever seen Dried poo everywhere, what looks like dirt and sticks from outside and food/water bowls filled with dirt. They also kindly gave me a new bottle of Fluker's Crested Gecko diet, which went directly into the trash.

    He weighs 26g and fires up to a very pretty dark brown and light yellow. He's settling in now and has already eaten a whole bowl of CGD. Poor guy. I put him in a new terrarium I had while I cleaned the one he came with. Man, that was smelly and horrible. So many dead crickets. So much bleach! Anyway, here's a picture that I took quickly of the new fella while I was weighing him and his enclosure from before They were selling a bunch of snakes too... I hope they were kept in better condition.

    Name pending my daughter's decision!

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    He's beautiful. THANK YOU for taking him in and giving him a wonderful new home.
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    Oh man, that cage is really dirty! Glad you took him in, best of luck! Keep us updated on him.


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