I have had my crested for a little over two months now and i still have trouble trying to get him to calm down. He is a year old and male, but he is very skittish which is frustrating at the moment. I do love him and wouldn't give him away but it's really difficult because he will go wild in the cage if i try and touch him. When i first got him the lady picked him up no problem but with me he ended up not being like that. i did let him have time to settle in for a bit but no difference. And i don't know if this can be a part of this but about around last month he hopped out of the container i had him in while i was trying to put the lid on because i was cleaning. and my bed has drawers underneath and he ended up hopping into a small corner of my mattress which leads under the bed and i could only get him out moving around the bed and i wasn't able to catch him with my hands so i had to put the container over him when i was able to. He goes wild around the cage when i try and touch him and it makes me concerned because i don't know why he's like that and i need to clean his cage soon but he wont climb onto anything i put near him. I don't want him to escape again because that was a lot. He is also my first reptile btw.