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Thread: Male or female???

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    Default Male or female???

    Hey guys,

    Weve had Stella and Stanley together for over a year but have yet to find a single egg in the tank. Stanley has a very noticeable bulge, so no confusion there. However, Stella im unsure about. We bought her from a reptile expo where we were told she was a breeding female. Anyways, heres a picture of the genitals. Can you guys help me out?

    I have more photos but I had some trouble attaching them to the post. If you need more let me know and I can try again.

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    Age of gecko? If she's full grown and looks like that, I'd def. say female.

    Sadly pore shots are always hard to do so i can't really tell anything from those pictures.
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    I think she is at least two years old. After doing some serious research, I agree she is likely female. So... new question. Any idea why she isn't producing eggs?


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