Hi, I am Noah! I am thinking about getting two abronia graminea females, or maybe a pair! I have a few questions I want to ask first.

1. What are some reliable breeders in the United States? I mean a captive breeder, I would not like to buy animals that are wild caught.

2. I hear their color decreases or pales if they are not given natural sun. is this true, or will a UBV suffice?

3.I always see their enclosures as bioactive. Do they have to be? I know this is a silly question but better safe than sorry.

4. Would there be a problem in keeping a blue and green abronia graminea together?

5. How big should their terrarium be? I heard 20 gal for two.

My gratitude and thanks to anyone who answers! I would greatly appreciate the help as I would love to keep these amazing lizards! Thank you!