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Thread: Male Crested Gecko for Sale

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    Default Male Crested Gecko for Sale

    Hello everyone! I adopted Sherlock when he was a baby, and three years later, after much consideration, I have decided that it is best to find him a new home. I live in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and would prefer not to ship. If you are willing to pick him up in person, I am happy to include his set-up. I am looking for an experienced owner or someone who has done their research. Please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.

    -sex: Male
    -age: about 3 years old.
    -weight: 36 grams
    -morph: Flame

    Set-up includes:
    -Exo Terra Terrarium 18(w) x 18(d) x 24(h)
    -decorative log and pool
    -food dish holder that sticks to wall
    -thermometer and hygrometer
    -heat lamp
    -UVB light

    My asking price is $100, but I will lower the price if his set-up is not taken.

    A bit more about Sherlock: Sherlock is a flame morph with yellow and brownish coloring. He eats Pangea CGD and is 36 grams. He still has his tail and loves to run.
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