Name:  starry night1.jpg
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Black and cream Female Produced by Matthew Parks, Purchased from Scaredy Cat Gecko's
I have some cute kids from this one, she is currently gravid with Nabisco. Additional pics in comments.
$400 + shipping

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Nabisco *NFS*

Name:  q.jpg
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Cream and salmon harley Female purchased from HH geckos out of Fandango over at MVR
Prev paired with Nabisco. Example of kids below. Dropped tail.
Available for $199 + Shipping

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Name:  rev.jpg
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Name:  ch2.jpg
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Pangea inkblot girl. Prev paired with Hiroshima, offspring examples in comments.
$199 + Shipping

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AC male available.
$150 + Shipping

Name:  ft1.jpg
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AC male available $150 + Shipping

Name:  swt.jpg
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AC kid $80 + shipping

Name:  y1.jpg
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Yellow AC male $100 +shipping