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    I was wondering when you all move your gargoyle from a smaller like critter keeper as a hatchling to a forever tank. For my cresties I put them into their forever tank when they are about 15g, but I have my first garg and she's only about 6g. So when would you move them? I usually use ExoTerra tanks that are around 30 x 30 x 45 cm 12 x 12 x 18.
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    Garg's get a tad larger than cresties, they'd feel a bit cramped in a 12x12x18. T9 be honest I don't even recommend them for adult cresties. Just not enough room
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    I have a juvie garg. I got him at about 9 grams and he's been in a 12x12x18. 6g is pretty small yet, I think I'd keep yours in the KK til he's around 9 or 10, then upgrade. And upgrade again at about 20g to an 18x18x24.
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