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    So i have an 10 gallon tank i dont keep anything in and I'm thinking about getting another lizard. What kind should i get? Ive been thinking leopard gecko but idk.
    Vanna 0.1.0 Crested Gecko

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    I've never had one, but it seems like leos are good starter lizards. Their care is different than cresties though, so make sure you research those also, before you make a final decision.
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    Turn it upright and get a crestie or leave flat and get a pictus/panther gecko. Leos are wayyyy better in a 20g

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    I would definitely recommend a Leo is youre comfortable feeding live food. They can live in a 10 gallon, but full grown a 20 long is much better. When I moved my leo to a 20 he actually became more active. As a baby/juvie he was perfectly happy in a 10 though. Good luck with your choice😊

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    Banded geckos (Coleonyx) are like tiny leopard geckos and could do well in a 10 gallon.



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