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Thread: Dominance or case of wrong sex

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    Default Dominance or case of wrong sex

    Found my crestie mounting the other.. the one on top was biting neck of other and looked like it was doing the deed I was told however that this cresty is a female... thoughts? I do not have a scale.
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    Iíd separate them no matter the reason for what you saw.

    If itís a show of dominance aka bullying, you need to separate for the sake of the one getting bullied before you get tail drops or worse.

    If itís a male, then you want to separate before they start to breed (although that may have already happened). Breeding before the female is ready can be disastrous (egg binding and MBD).

    Iím no expert on sexing geckos so I wonít try to guess, but some geckos donít develop a bulge until theyíre fairly large. It might be a good idea to invest in a scale just to keep an eye on them anyway. Pangea and other vendors sell them for around $10.


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