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Thread: Calci-Worms?

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    Default Calci-Worms?

    Echo doesn't really eat much pangea or repashy. He is 8g and he was 7g 2months ago when i got him. My aunt showed him a video of a bug flying on her phone and he jumped at it. I decided to order him some calci worms. I would like to start a colony of them. I have a butterfly habitat i could use but i was wondering if when they turn into flies and i need a worm will the all fly out and can i prevent that. Also i know you dont need to feed them but what do i use as substrate as i heard oats are good. Thanks🙃

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    Yes, they do turn into flies. Found that out from personal experience; I bought a tub of 50 of them (smallest amount I could find) for TAD. He wasn't interested and didn't eat any of them. They pupated and I had a container full of flies that I had to freeze to get rid of (didn't want to release in a non-native area).

    I'd find out if he likes them enough to eat them first, and then worry about raising them.

    The worms still shouldn't be his main source of food. Pangea or Repashy is still the best for needed nutrition. The worms should be a treat.
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