Hello, I think my little girl Astrid is going to be laying eggs. She is around 5 years old I got her about a month ago from a guy who had to get rid of her because he was renting and the landlord said he couldn't have her anymore.
Ok, so when I weighed her about 3 weeks ago she was 65g. She seems to have slimmed down a bit. And also she is quite grumpy when I got her I could pet and hold her a bit but now I cant at all. She is digging a lot, like in every corner of the terrarium. She just stayed propped up in the corner for about 3 hours. One last thing is that in the last 2 weeks there have been 2 days where she has not eaten at all( about a week apart from the other). Should I be worried about the slimming down and not really eating? If she is laying what can I do for her. P.S. Astrid is a gargoyle gecko.