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Thread: Still struggling with weight.... >.<

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    Exclamation Still struggling with weight.... >.<

    Yes, another post about gecko weight.... I'm still having problems!

    So I started weighing Bo in July when I finally managed to find a gram scale that seemed accurate and didn't cost $40+. In July he was 61g, which as far as I could tell seemed like a big gecko but not necessarily outside the realm of normal.

    Well, in August he somehow jumped to 68g, and while not as chunky as some geckos I've seen, he's definitely got some tiny rolls happening around his sides and jaw. After I'd weighed him in July, I'd switched from 1.5oz to 0.5oz feeding cups which dramatically reduced the amount of food he was getting (still being fed every other day, just WAY less than he'd been getting with the bigger cups), and yet he still managed to jump that whopping 7g!

    So after I weighed him in August, I was like "holy crap how are you gaining this much weight on LESS food" and cut back even further, so he's now being fed the same small portion (maybe half of a 0.5oz cup or slightly less) every third day instead of every second. It's been a month, I just weighed him again, and he's gone up to 71g!

    I can't figure out how he keeps gaining weight on less and less food, and I'd feel really awful just trying to cut back his calories any further, but at the same time I know obesity is a real problem for pets and I don't want him to have health problems from that, either....

    He's living in an 18x18x24 tank that's pretty well optimized for climbing, his food is up at the top of the tank, he does have to work to get around. He's never been the most active/jumpy boy though, even when being handled, and he's really hesitant to walk on any really narrow surface - he's curious about things, and he WILL climb and explore, but he's very laid back for a crestie which is what attracted me to him in the first place. I'm chronically ill and don't really handle him all that much to be honest, especially since right now I'm away at university during the week (I love him to bits, but really part of the appeal for me with reptiles is that they're okay with minimal handling if I'm having a rough patch and can't pour a ton of interaction in with them). I haven't gotten him moved to my apartment yet and my mom will feed and spray him but she won't handle him so I can't increase his handling right now. I'm really not sure what else to do..... if he were a female I'd think maybe he was squaring up to lay an egg, but he's definitely not - he's about 2 years old now and definitely male. I'm paranoid that maybe there's some other underlying health problem, if this were my cat I'd assume hyperthyroid or something but I'm not as familiar with lizard diseases and he seems to be eating, pooping, breathing, and acting pretty normally at least when I'm here to keep an eye on him....

    Anyone else struggle with runaway gecko weight? My cat was obese when I got her and she was relatively easy to slim down despite having to be careful to avoid hepatic lipidosis, but this is my first reptile and there's not as much info out there about managing their weight! I'm not really sure where to go from here!

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    I'm unsure of how to handle weight issues however you never mentioned what you're feeding him. That may be important to those who know more than I do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeadlyPaws View Post
    I'm unsure of how to handle weight issues however you never mentioned what you're feeding him. That may be important to those who know more than I do.
    Oh! Yeah, he's getting Pangea, typically the Pangea w/ insects formula. No extra live insects or anything, just that small portion of Pangea every 3rd day.


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