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Thread: entamoeba invadens (or hartmanni???)

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    Default entamoeba invadens (or hartmanni???)


    I have a bit of a curious case of an issue and I want to get as much input as possible.

    *I have approximately 100 crested geckos in my collection from various sources.
    *I have had 2 unexpected deaths in the past 6 months. I did not have an autopsy done (in hindsight this was a silly mistake)
    *One month ago: I have seen what I concluded to be pinworms in some of the gecko's stool. I did a composite stool collection of 5 geckos and the results came back clean.
    *this week: I found definite pinworms in the stool of a gecko and brought that sample in. The results were as follows: - Pinworm eggs(Pharyngdon sp) (few)- Entamoeba hartmanni-like cysts (many)

    So I thought Entamoeba hartmanni-like?? Thinkign that surely what must be "like" hartmanni is invadens. Well after annoying the vet to the maximum I felt comfortable with, the answer is no it is not invadens, but will be treated with Metronidazole anyway at a dose of 2.5mg per 50g gecko or 50g per 1000g of body mass. For 5 days. In some time online I have seen other guidance between 100 to 250mg per 1000g of gecko. I will go with the vet recommended dose.

    Some questions:

    *have you ever heard of Entamoeba hartmanni in reptiles?
    *would you treat your whole collection or only the gecko in question or showing issues?
    *is it too late once the gecko starts showing high degrees of weight loss?
    *is slow growth (but not negative growth) possible in Entamoeba invadens or more likely due to high levels of pinworms?
    *has anyone successfully mixed the medication in with food with positive results and no side effects?

    Your help and input would be greatly appreciated. Treatment starts as soon as my microgram scale comes in tomorrow (I have to treat a 15g animal with a 25mg crushed up blue pill)



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    I have no experience with any variety of entamoebas but did recently treat my crestie with metronidazole for giardia. I assume it was a typo but 2.5mg per 50g is 50mg/kg and was also what my vet prescribed (every other day for 5 doses). Apparently metronidazole tastes terrible so most animals will not eat it willingly. I mixed the dose with CGD and a dab of honey and hand fed it. My gecko did not show any obvious side effects but also only had a very mild case of giardia.

    The user GlowingGecko had very good advice for me when our gecko was diagnosed. If you do a search for giardia, my old threads will come up


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