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    Default Why You do not Impulse Buy... Skip to about 7:30 in the video. Discussions?
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    First off, that pet store is disgusting from what I saw in the video. I can tell they are a great source of misinformation. So that is lovely.

    Second, do these people seriously have a different species of gecko with a TOKAY?! Not to mention they all appear to be in a 10 gallon. Idiots. I'm constantly amazed at how selfish and ignorant people can be.

    I've sent Taylor Nicole Dean a message on Youtube, because I'm a fan of hers and this person used her name multiple times in their video description (hoping to get more views I'm sure). I know she would not want to be associated with such animal abuse/neglect. Does anyone have a twitter? I don't. If someone does could they try giving her a heads up about this:
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    Wha??? Did they really just put those two brand new geckos, in with a completely different specie of gecko? That's bad enough, but they didn't even quarantine them! I'll be surprised if either gecko loves longer then a month. And that pet store! You don't have to remind me to never shop there. And they really need better ways of getting and catching the geckos. Thanks for posting this.
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    And the people commenting on the video seem just as ignorant. No one questioned the care of the geckos. GRRR...

    I doubt the two new ones are still living. What a travesty.
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    I will tweet her tomorrow... Yeah they got a tokay and his gf said, I think it bites.
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    I questioned it and got no reply, but on the other comment I posted on dart frogs not being poisonous in captivity I did... But yeah very annoyed about this.
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    They put the poor geckos in a chinese rice takeout box...
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