First hatched is Raikou. Mom is LunaFreya and dad is Noctis. She/he has been developing more and more dal spots so hoping she/he will end up being a super dal. She/he is sweet but flighty but she/he will stay put as long as there is food within reach. lol

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Then we have Raijin who was born during a rare thunderstorm in my area of Oregon. Mom is Pandora and dad is Noctis. She/he is looking like an extreme harly with portholes (correct me if I'm wrong.) He/she is also starting to develop some bright dash pinstriping. He/she is by far the sweetest of the hatchlings and likes to hang out on my fingers while I mist or clean the enclosure.

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Lastly, we have Raijin's clutch mate, Fury, or Fu for short. He/she is feisty and has already escaped more than once. He/she bites everything that comes near his/her face including fingers, fake flowers, and the food bottle. lol. I'm thinking he/she is going to be a flame with a dash of attitude.

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