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Thread: Injured crested gecko tail (graphic image)

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    Default Injured crested gecko tail (graphic image)

    I'm not sure if my crested gecko injured her tail from being bit by the other female gecko of the same size she was housed with or if this is from shedding issues, but I mist the cage heavily every 12 hours and have never had any problems like this with any other crested geckos
    Either way, her cage mate is separated and I won't be housing juveniles together anymore
    Does her tail look dangerously infected or necrotic? Should I get her to drop her tail or see if it gets any better on it's own?
    Does it look like a bite or the result of a shedding problem?
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    That looks like a pretty severe injury. I doubt it will recover, and it might be better to lose the tail than let it get infected. Try to have a vet do it though.

    I wouldn't house them together at any age. Good luck with this, I'm sorry it happened, it looks pretty nasty.
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    It looks like it is time to help autotomize the tail before the infection goes too far.

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    Thank you for the replies, I'm going to the vet in a few hours
    The gecko doesn't seem to be acting ill, so that gives me a lot of hope, she's still a voracious eater


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