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Thread: Sweet potato vines?

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    Default Sweet potato vines?

    I've been wanting to switch Hershey to a viv set up and was wondering if there would be any issues with using sweet potato vines in the tank?
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    Not positive, but they are related to nightshade. Also, are you talking about the edible, the decorative with big leaves usually used in hanging baskets, or the small white flowered vine used on fences and stuff? You should also do some research to see if the type you want to grow can handle the conditions in your gecko cage. Also, the last vine one grows super fast, and doesn't smell particularly great--leaves, the flowers don't have a scent.

    Check out the pet safe plants with the aspca list too, there are other flowering vines on there that would work better (also check the poisonous list too to see if it's on it).

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    Sweet potato is in the Convulvulaceae family, with things like morning glory, not the nightshade family (Solanaceae). It should be fine.
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    Common names for Solanum jasminoides (laxum) (white flower), and it's close relative Solanum crispum, the purple flower version...are called potato vine. Yes, not the specific SWEET potato vine, which is Ipomea (both the edible and decorative in hanging baskets). But I've had customers for years (12), ask for sweet potato vine and almost always actually want either of those Solanum, so my mind automatically went to those two. I do apologize about confusing them. The Solanum ones are poisonous and closely related to nightshade. Sorry.

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