Collection sale
Louisville, KY

Whole collection sale

10 breeder size adults
5 female crested (3 proven)
2 male crested (2 proven)

2 female gargoyle (not proven, both laying infertile)
1 male gargoyle (not proven)

$1600 plus shipping

Due to family health issues I am selling my collection, all of the geckos are doing well and healthy but one female gargoyle. She has gone into breeding mode and has not recovered yet. She is pretty low on weight. Beyond her, all are well and eat perfectly well on Pangea Watermelon. If you have questions please let me know.

I will include all babies produced this year from this group up to the date they ship for $300 I currently have 15ish babies I believe. I can verify that.

I do have lineage on almost all geckos and images of parents I can pass along as well.

I can provide images of all geckos if someone is seriously interested.
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