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Thread: python hasnt pooped

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    Default python hasnt pooped

    Hi there,

    So if anyone can give me advice for this, great. I might just be panicking over nothing but i'd rather ask then not say anything. Its been two weeks since my childrens python last pooped. Which i guess seems to be normal in some snakes, but this isnt typical of her. Shes not swollen, I soaked her once in warm water, shes eaten normally those last two weeks. should i feed her again and wait another week or...?

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    If she's had two meals and hasn't pooped yet, feeding her again would be a bad idea. She may not be puffed up, yet, but nothing's moving out. Try a warm water soak, or even putting the last 1/3 of her under running warm water, and gently massaging down the length of her body from about half way. Basically, you'd be gently helping to move the poop down and hopefully out. Not pooping can be caused by temps not being right, humidity not right (and/or lack of drinking water), or some kind of infection (usually parasites) which may directly be plugging things up, or may be making things inflamed so nothing moves well, or something less common/weird. I'm currently helping one of my baby pythons recover from this problem, which was caused by a pin worm infestation which made her insides inflamed. I've had it happen for other reasons too in the past with other snakes.

    You'll want to do the warm water massage every other day, unless she's super skiddish. Spend about 15 minutes doing it each time. Just be gentle and don't try to squeeze too hard. If after a week of that, she still hasn't pooped, vet time.

    Good luck!


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