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Thread: Hurricane Preparedness: Feel Free To Add Advice

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    Default Hurricane Preparedness: Feel Free To Add Advice

    If leaving, make sure you have:

    - Travel enclosures: Kritter Keepers or Tupperware with holes poked in the lid
    - Food: either in jars or Ziploc bags to keep dry
    - Bottled Water
    - Reptile mister
    - Any medications/supplements that are NECESSARY. Calcium can wait a few days in most cases!
    - Heat source: reptile shipping heat packs work well!
    - Paper towels and trash bags

    If trying to get into a hotel that doesn't welcome pets:
    - Transport geckos via the tupperware containers with holes in the lid
    - Place containers in bag/backpack while checking in! You don't need to make it known that you are bringing reptiles under these circumstances.

    For Louisiana Residents!
    - The Louisiana Exotic Animal Rescue Network can shelter displaced exotic pets!
    - Located 4274 Hwy 154 Elm Grove, LA 71051
    - Phone Number: (318) 773-9393 or (877) 678-8200 (PLEASE CALL BEFORE SURRENDERING ANIMALS!)
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    Buy some of those reflective thermal blankets (plastic sheets with a metallic coating) and/or foam coolers to help maintain enclosure temperatures
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