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    My crestie is a year and a half old, male. He has had some pretty significant activity change lately. My calm, sweet, loves to be held crestie has now turned into a little monster. He now will spastically darts around his cage, if I open the cage to spray his enclosure or feed him, he flys out of the cage at me and doesn't want to be held. He's being picky about eating and he's usually a great eater. I feed powdered Pangea fruit mix, different flavors. I occasionally will give him crickets. I moved him into a larger cage back in June and got a bark like substrate for the bottom of the cage (it was recommended by the breeder I got him from) I noticed the last time I fed him crickets in his cage he ingested some of that when eating crickets (this was a month ago). I did read somewhere that occasionally a gecko that has become blind due to trauma will sometimes become spastic because they don't know what's going on. I don't know if any trauma and I checked his eyes, they look normal and react to light. Any suggestions????

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    How much does he weigh now? I've heard of cresties going through a crazy adolescent/puberty phase... maybe that's it. I wouldn't worry about blindness unless there was something else going on. I hope he grows out of it!


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