The female crested gecko I adopted 3 weeks ago has burried everything but her head in her lay box. Do you think she is laying eggs? She was housed with males in her previous home, so there is a good chance any egg she lays will be fertile! I am not experienced with incubating eggs, so I constacted a local reptile store who incubates and raises eggs for customer's reptiles. They are willing to take any eggs she lays now or in the future.
I have a few questions though!
If she is laying an egg, will it disturb her if I do some cleaning? I had plans to clean my hamster cage and fish tank today, which are in the same room as the gecko tank. Should I wait until another day?
How long are crested geckos usually "in labor" for? She was a breeder at her old home, so I'm not super worried about her having issues laying the egg(s) but what are some signs I should look out for that she has laid them and is doing okay? I have work from 6-10, so there is a chance I don't be able to take her eggs into the reptile store until tomorrow. Is that okay? Should I try to find someone to take the eggs there while I am at work today?
Thank you!