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Thread: do snake need uvb

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    Default do snake need uvb

    coz i want to get a snake but is there one that done need uvb

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    I don't think any snakes require UVB.

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    Some snakes do require UVB, but not most of the ones commonly found in the hobby. Corns, ball pythons, rats, milksnakes, etc do not require it. However, I highly recommend researching which you are interested in. They typically require at least a heat source.

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    Most snakes don't need UV because they get all their nutrition from their food. However, a light source is good to have so there is a day/night routine. That has been show to be helpful, especially with some species and breeding. But that can be any kind of normal light source. I use under cabinet lights on my snake cages. Most snakes do need a heat source, but that can be done with a ceramic heat emitter and/or under tank heater. Just be SURE to USE a thermostat...decent ones don't have to be super expensive either.

    I don't remember exactly which snakes actually need UV, but they were not the common ones, and they were kind of hard to keep anyway. But research what kinds you're looking for just to check.

    Hope that helps.


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