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Thread: 3 Days of Same Food?

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    Default 3 Days of Same Food?

    Hello! I have several different favors of Pangea for my crested gecko, but she refuses to eat any flavors but the banana apricot. I went to get some more banana apricot Pangea from my local reptile store 2 days ago, and they were all out, so I ordered some on Amazon. It won't be here until tomorrow. The thing is, I give her fresh food every other night. Tonight should be the night she gets fresh food. Should I give her fresh food (in a flavor she won't eat, because that's all I have left) or should I leave the Pangea that's been in there, for one more day until I get the new bag tomorrow?
    Also, does anyone have any tips to help her start to like the other flavors?
    Thank you!
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    Guess you could go with either option but I would probably go with fresh food as then gecko has choice to eat fresh or not.
    In relation to other foods geckos can be stubborn what I tend to do is rotate different foods every 5-7 days so gecko is not holding out for a switch in flavour every couple of days. For particularly stubborn geckos I start by mixing a small amount of a new flavour with the one gecko likes & gradually increase amount as gecko gets use to
    It with most if not all of the new flavour.
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    I would go with the fresh food. She might just need time to adjust to the new flavors. It took about a week before my geckos liked a new flavor.
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    Same here. I just have been offering same food for a week and he starts eat. More patience

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    Also one day without food isn't going to harm your gecko. Offer fresh food and if they don't eat it then they don't. I doubt it would starve itself to death (which would takes weeks or months anyway). If it's really hungry it will eat. It will be fine acting all picky and not eating for a day or two before you get the flavor they like.

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