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    I was incubating two fertile eggs at VT spring/summer room temperatures ( or so I thought). One egg consistently developed further along then the other one. I figured OK, no problem so one is going to hatch larger then the other one. Then the smaller egg began to become discolored, especially near the end as the eggs were due to hatch. I was suspecting that the smaller embryo had died at this time. I continued to leave both eggs to incubate just in case since I heard bad looking eggs can sometimes hatch despite outward appearances. . About a week after the larger egg hatched and produced a healthy hatching crested gecko, I cut open the smaller egg expecting to find a dead crested gecko fetus inside. I didn't find a dead crested gecko fetus, instead I found whitish goop.
    Just wondering if the smaller egg was somehow never fertilized in the first place.

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    I have had eggs that looked perfectly good for many weeks and ended up having no embryo at all. Not so unusual. Congrats on the other one.


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    Thanks, the first hatchling given the odd name of Potato Chip has surely been one of the most highly anticipated critters here in a long time. Not only the first crested gecko I've hatched, but also the first reptile too.

    Potato Chip was not really a name I planned out, it was a silly name based on the thought of "can't just have one " and the name stuck. Someone suggested that I name the sibling after a dip, so the potential sibling was going to be named Fiesta Salsa. I guess that name can slide to one of the next hatchlings now along with another funny name?.

    Potato Chip seems to have had a good start in life having hatched out at three inches and at two weeks old , Potato Chip had already shown some growth.
    I did have one nervous mishap related to cleaning the hatchling enclosure after one week. Despite that I tried to move all of the decor into the other empty enclosure for the next pair of eggs, Potato Chip somehow managed to get onto the floor , hide under the other enclosure and go jump - running across the floor under a table after I lifted up the other enclosure carefully and had no free hands to catch Potato Chip.
    I did catch Potato Chip on the other side of that table, but people are not kidding when they say these tiny hatchlings can leap away quickly and "vanish". I really don't know what I'd have done if Potato Chip was missing at a week old,maybe I should have postponed the tank cleaning, but I was going for ideal conditions and that meant changing out the paper towel.


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