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    Default Calci worms

    Just ordered calci worms how many would u feed them per week to a 7g crestie
    and also just making sure as this is the reason i ordered these, i can just lift a few out and feed them to him without gutloading or dusting cant i?
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    If your little one likes them, I'd just see how many he'd eat at one time first. Then adjust the amount to be more reasonable if he pigged out. You can't gutload them and shouldn't need to calcium dust them, vitamin dust maybe--if your gecko needs it. However, do not rely on the calicworms to be your only source of calcium. Still offer other insects that are gutloaded and/or dusted, and the food mix goop.

    You can also get freeze dried cacliworms, for way cheaper too, but the dried ones may be too big for your little one.


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