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Thread: Crested Gecko Pet or Showcase animal?

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    Question Crested Gecko Pet or Showcase animal?


    I currently don't own a crested gecko but am researching about them. I wanted to know if they are show case animals that really shouldn't be handled and should just stay inside the cage or can they potentially be a family pet?, i'm not expecting like a bearded dragon but would like a lizard i could take out and pet every so often, also because i have 12 year old son who will be wanting to handle it. Also do they go through mood changes?

    Thank you for your help

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    Hi there!

    I'm not an expert or anything so this is all just my opinion. I would say cresties are both pets and showcase animals because it depends entirely on the animal. I have three cresties and I view them as pets. Each one has their own personality and different reaction to handling. My male has always been super chill and doesn't mind being handled at all. He appears to enjoy his little outings. Then I have two females. One doesn't mind handling but isn't quite as laid back as my male and the other is totally neurotic. She is prone to jumping (not giving a single thought to height), randomly freaking out and she has dropped her tail (I wonder why!).

    By the way, those are two things to be aware of. Some cresties will drop their tails when stressed (they do not grow back) and they like to jump. It can be fun seeing them jump from one hand to the other, but you need to be careful they don't fall. Usually you can tell when they are going to jump because they squat down a bit and look at where they want to go. Some cresties jump more than others.

    None of my cresties get noticeable mood changes. I can pretty much count on them behaving like I would expect them to knowing their personality. So I would say if you are looking for a crestie who will not mind being held every so often then look for an adult. Babies/Juvies are more fragile and prone to jumping. I would also suggest going to a reptile exo to get your new addition. That way you can hold the cresties and talk with the breeder on which are good with handling.

    Hopefully this helps some!
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    If you truly want a crestie that will be a pet that you can handle, get an older juvenile or adult that you can see tolerates handling. In my experience, all the hatchlings are pretty skittish and there will be no way to know which will calm down as adults and which won't.


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    I'll say the same as previous posters! An adult used to handling will be your best bet. You might also consider a gargoyle gecko, the adults in general are pretty docile and take to handling better than some cresties. Their care is the same. They just get a little bigger.
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    In regards to your original question, crested geckos are pets more then show case animals. I say this because they are nocturnal and although some of them will sleep out in the open most crested geckos will hide away until night time. That being said, they are pretty hardy creatures and do well with frequent handling relative to other types of lizards so they would make a good pet.
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