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Thread: Slime coming from pacman frog...?

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    Default Slime coming from pacman frog...?

    Hello! I have owned a pacman frog since he was about the size of a nickel. Now he is probably between the size of a golf ball or a cue ball (if that makes sense). About 2 months ago, he went off of food and did not eat for a month. I got him to feed once, and now he is not eating again.

    However, as I was handling him to give him a soak/bath, I noticed he had this slime all over him. It was cloudy white, and was very sticky. Once I set him into his bath, he pooped a little bit out.

    Does anyone have any advice? I would love to take him to a vet, but I am from a small area and our vet is not that well-trained with reptiles and amphibians (I went in with a crested gecko once and she gave me a leopard gecko caresheet and said "it's pretty much the same information" ... but that's another story).

    Please help! I hope my baby is ok.
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    Do you have a picture? It's hard to understand what you're describing without a photo. Is it possible that he's shedding?

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    You might try calling Josh's Frogs - they can't give you vet advice, but might be able to tell you if this is normal or something to be concerned about.
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