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Thread: Leopard gecko in a temporary kritter keeper

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    Default Leopard gecko in a temporary kritter keeper

    Hurricane irma is coming to florida, and I have a Leopard gecko. I will be evacuating my area tomorrow and heading over to a family member's home .

    My question is, will my leo be okay if I take him with me in a large critter keeper for maybe a few days depending on what happens. I will not be able to take his enclosure with me.

    Also, how do I reduce as much stress as possible for my leo in this situation?

    more information:

    The kritter keeper will have a small hide, corner water bowl, as well as some fake plants from his tank and lined with paper towels.

    I will bring his heat mat with me.

    He is not a year old but is Over 6 months.

    Thank you for reading and for any respondes!

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    Food, of course... and maybe drape with a dark towel or something while you are driving. Otherwise, I think you have it covered pretty well. Best of luck - stay safe!
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