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Thread: Feeder Issues - Please Help!

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    Question Feeder Issues - Please Help!

    I'm thinking of getting a baby Beardie soon and I've heard they go through a huge amount of crickets. Assuming I would need to feed him/her 50 or more crickets per day buying from the pet store is not an option (It would cost me over $100 a month). I could order crickets online in bulk for $30 per thousand + $20 shipping but my issue is, won't the crickets grow to large for my young Beardie before I use them up? I can only afford to pay shipping once a month but even if I order pinheads won't they be too big after like 2 weeks? I would really appreciate any answers. Thanks
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    I don't know anything about beardies - but do they really eat that many crickets in a day??
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    i make care sheets on animals sometimes, and i just checked my beardie one. i wrote that about 50 crickets, locusts, etc. should be fed every week, not every day. i believe Reptiles Magazine was my main source of info, and i've heard they're pretty reliable. i'm just as confused as TAD.
    could be wrong, of course. i've only petsat a beardie before, and i wasn't even the one caring for him, really. i may have made a care sheet on them, but typically i don't do nearly as much research with animals i don't plan on getting sometime soon.

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    Hello. I've had lots of beardies, and bred them. When they are little they do go through bugs fast. However, it is more like 50 a week, though I think that's still high. They should also be as long as the width across the head of your beardie between it's eyes. So if the size you are getting is significantly smaller than that, you will go through more. I went through 1000 in about 3 weeks with 20 babies to feed. I never used pin-heads, too small.

    If your bulk holding cage is set up well, the die off should be around 20% or less. Crickets grow fast under good conditions, but it can take a week, or more, before they move into the next size category. Also, the smaller the cricket the higher you die off will be usually. But yes, 1000, even with the die off, a significant amount will out grow your dragon.

    Also, you should also be able to buy in smaller bulk amounts (250-500), and probably cheaper too from other places. I saw you're in Canada, but still. I'd start price comparing online since what you said they would cost seems a little high (even converting from US to Can.) You can also get discounts for setting up repeat orders with some places.

    You can also mix in canned bugs, to create some variety, though canned does cost more (but they don't grow or have to be fed). Just please do NOT feed mealworms to a baby dragon. They have a lot of chitin in their exoskeletons which can't be digested and can cause impaction in babies. Also, you do want to offer veggies of some kind too. They mostly eat bugs as babies, but do eat some veggies. As they grow the ratio of bugs:veggies shifts to veggies. I'm also guessing you don't/can't want to raise roaches to feed, which would be another option.

    I'm pretty sure you can find them cheaper and in a smaller amount on line somewhere.

    Best wishes!

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