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    About two weeks ago I got my first crested gecko. I did a ton of reasearch before just in case any of you were wondering. He is full size but I'm not sure how old he is. I have a few questions if someone would be willing to answer. So my first question is about his eating. The first night I got him I put the food in his cage and he didn't eat any so the next night I decided to try and hand feed him, he would eat some but he hasn't really taken to eat a lot of food which worries me a little. Is there a way I can make him eat? My second question is about his feet. His feet aren't really sticking to the glass and he slides off. I tried giving him one of the paper towel bath things where you submerge the feet in water but it didn't really work. Yesterday he shed and after that he stuck to the glass perfectly but then the next day it was back to normal slipping. The humidity is pretty high and there doesn't seem to be dirt on him so is this something I should worry about? Thanks for answering!

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    What kind of food are you giving him? You could try a different flavor. A lot of people's geckos seem to like Pangea's watermelon or the insect flavor. But I would wait a little while- geckos often won't eat when stressed (like when arriving in a new home) for a week or two.

    It's often hard to tell if they are eating because even adult cresties only eat tiny amounts. Popular advice is that if you see poop, then they're eating! I wouldn't hand feed- they won't starve themselves and you don't want them to become dependent on you.

    As for not sticking, it might be due to the high humidity you mentioned. What is the humidity like in his cage? Do you have a hygrometer? If not, it's important to get one.

    It shouldn't be very humid all the time- it could cause respiratory issues. Humidity should peak in the evenings right after spraying to 90-100%, then drop to 50-60% by the midday/afternoon.

    Hope that helps!

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    I agree with what Jubilos said. Crested geckos can be picky with the flavors you offer them. Pangea isn't the only complete diet either. You can also try elevating their food dishes.

    As for the sliding from the glass, avoid spraying the glass. Spray the floor and decor and not so much the glass.


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