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Thread: Blue Tongue Skink?

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    Default Blue Tongue Skink?

    I would like a bts. Im thinking of getting one for Christmas so i have lots of money and time to research properly. I want to know- feeding schedules? Like when to feed what things and vitamins and calcium? What meats i use? Substrates? Any extra tips and advice would be great. I know its a lot of questions but i like first hand opinions more than lots of stuff on the internet 😂

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    This is what has worked for the blue-tongues I have worked with in the past:

    Day 1: Salad with romaine lettuce or dandelion greens, shredded squash and chopped fruit.
    Day 2: Protein: either live dusted and gutloaded crickets or roaches or a small amount of canned super premium grain-free dog food. Pinky mice make for great treats but should be fed no more than once every two weeks because of the high fat content.
    Day 3: No feeding.

    You will absolutely need UVB lighting for a skink, which means that you will be using calcium without D3. You should dust the feeder insects with calcium every time they are fed.

    Substrate: these lizards love to dig! An organic, pesticide free potting soil-orchid bark mixture would work, you could also mix in some play sand as well. Make sure this mixture is at least 5 inches deep! Lots of people keep these animals on reptile carpet for fear of impaction but that really denies them the ability to practice natural behaviors such as burrowing.

    Make sure to offer them hiding places like cork logs and give them a water bowl that they can soak in.

    Let me know if you need any more advice!
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