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Thread: Fish tanks? who has fish tanks???

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    What I've got left is one goldfish leftover(that also needs a new home) and my favorite tank which is one and fifty gal. tank of synos. Long story short, I might have to give up all of the fish at this point. I've been fighting to keep them, but it's all become too much and I really want to focus on returning to work ASAP and every distraction such as driving to my parents house to have fish boarded counts against that.

    The house here with the heating problems, electrical problems and flooding issues that effect the basement the most is making it impossible to move my largest aquarium over here from my parents and I wasn't planning on permanently boarding that tank at my parents so I am finally giving in. I decided to try and find new homes for them starting in July and if I cannot setup the tank here in the basement, then I want the fish to find new homes by Nov so they are out before ice and snow hits this area hopefully.

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    I have a pretty ridiculous amount of aquatic animals! Seven aquariums and two terrariums here. I intentionally raise apple and mystery snails and unintentionally raise molly fry. I have a yellow bellied slider, a leucistic axolotl, two female bettas, a few shrimp, two adult mollies, 63 molly fry, and probably 150ish snails of varying ages. For my land animals, I have a single land snail (helix aspersa) left in a 10 gallon terrarium and my two month old crested gecko in a temporary tank - the 20 gallon molly fry tank will be her new home after a nice scrub so I don't have to reseal it.


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