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Thread: Other thread - "My Geckos Keep Fighting"

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    Default Other thread - "My Geckos Keep Fighting"

    There's a new thread this morning titled "My Geckos Keep Fighting" - but it's in the For Sale section, so unless you want private messages, no one will be able to answer you.

    I am not well-versed in giant day geckos, but for the smaller geckos like cresties and gargs, they should not be housed together (unless you are an experienced breeder, and even then, only for breeding). They are solitary animals and don't need a buddy. Clearly yours are stressed, so I'd just keep them separate.
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    I agree. If a gecko is fighting with its roommate, clearly something is wrong. For the life of one, possible both geckos, please separate.

    @TAD- idk how or why it's in the for sale or trade section, unless *hes* trying to sell em? Lol I'm so confused!
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    That thread got moved to the appropriate section.


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