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Thread: My Geckos Keep Fighting [-X] :evil: :teach:

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    Default My Geckos Keep Fighting [-X] :evil: :teach:

    I have 2 giant day geckos, Martin and Riggs, about adult size, roughly 9 months old. A few months ago, they were fighting like crazy. Only Martin was really attacking, jumping at Riggs, and keeping him from eating. I looked on their care and was told to separate them until adult size, so I separated Martin, and about three weeks ago put them back together. At first they were good, I think even displaying for each other but now they're worse. Riggs started getting scars on his face and tail, and was losing weight and hiding. Then about a week ago I was hand feeding Riggs and as he grabbed the mealworm and went to munch it, I watched as Martin jumped and ripped it from his mouth. Now I separated them again, and have left wondering why they're doing this, as now they're bigger, and I put plenty of food in every other day for them both, and now I've checked if it's that they're both males and it's actually that Martin is female and Riggs is male. I don't know why this is happening, if anyone has had a similar experience or would know what to do I'm open. I'd prefer not to separate them especially if they're 1:1, as I was prepared for breeding. If they're females, then I'd like to know why they're doing this. I can try posting an image of their pores.

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    It's best to keep them separated. I don't know anything about day geckos, however I do know that if two animals are fighting, never let them be together. It could result in the death of both geckos. Hopefully someone will experience with these guys can help.
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    You need to seperate these animals. A 12x12x18 enclosure will suffice at least temporarily.
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    If you are not really planning on breeding (even if prepared for it), then separate these two permanently. One or both may die if you don't. Martin is way too aggressive to be housed with Riggs. They are solitary animals anyway, and don't need companions.
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    Do you have two males together? Because that never goes well. Separate and keep them that way. They aren't going to stop.


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