Hi again! I'm back with more questions.

So, I've recently rescued another crested gecko. And initially I wasn't going to because she's gravid and I've only had geckos for about 6-7 months. But she had been up for sale for a while, and the owner was desperate to get rid of her. Her previous owner suffers from a lot of medical problems and she just could not take care of her (or her other pets that she had already sold). This gecko has been in a very small kritter keeper for what seems like quite a bit of time. And she ate a LOT the 1st night my fiance and I brought her home.

We've set up a lay box of top soil and peat moss, and we have a few containers we plan to use for incubating the eggs (we bought vermiculite for incubation). We're also keeping a small dish full of calcium in her enclosure. I understand that we can end up with like 20 hatchlings, and we're prepared to take care of them all if need be. My gecko is a yellow flame I believe, and the male she was mated with was a very red tiger/brindle.

Any extra advice would be greatly appreciated.