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Thread: URGENT! Air Conditioning Broke! Crestie too Hot?

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    Ah yes, forgot about the lid. Ya, fine screen lids do not hold up to cats sitting on them. I've nearly had my cat fall into my corn snake cage several times (my cat only weighs 7 lbs). She only climbs on the lid when I'm working on various cage maintenance and she's feeling left out. If it's a heavy duty critter lid, or a hardware cloth home made lid, the cat would have to be really big to bend it in.

    I was thinking there was a light hood of some sort on the top so the screen wasn't accessible.

    But a few days with the daytime max in the low 80s won't hurt, I've had 10 day stints on rare occasion. Just cool it down as much as you can at night and make sure there's water available all the time, and the humidity is as high as you can get it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlowingGecko View Post
    A little while with the day time temp in the very low 80's will not hurt as long as there is plenty of water and humidity, and your animals isn't sick. I've dealt with this every summer for years and my guy is perfectly fine. I make sure to cool the downstairs down at night to the low 70s, then close up the downstairs windows and pull the blinds to keep it cool as long as possible during the day. The rare few times it goes over 85 during the day, I put ice on the screen lid and let it melt and drip cold water into the cage. But I make sure he's not sleeping where it drips. I also keep an eye on his lighting, and if the temp hits about 75, I turn the lights off manually. I know temps in the low 80s are stressful, and much higher can be dangerous. If I did get stuck in a heat wave that I couldn't compensate by cooling down at night and shutting up the place, I'd arrange to board him.

    Oh, if you're worried about your cat stalking her, you could temporarily cover the outsides of the cage with paper. Also good for most any time an animal seems to be getting stressed by what's going on outside.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucia View Post
    I'd be more worried about the top of the tank. It sounds like it is the typical exo terra with screen top. There are multiple stories on this forum about these screen lids caving in under a cat's weight. It usually does not end well for the crestie. So I'd say with moderate heat you are better off with ice packs than risking a cat encounter in the basement.
    Thanks guys for the help! I decided to keep the Exo Terra upstairs for now, as the temps won't be hot tonight (65-71F) and it sounds like someone is coming tomorrow to fix our a.c. (hopefully!) so it should be okay. And I'm glad you told me the thing about the cat on in the screen top! I didn't think of that! The enclosure is on a 30-ish inch tall cube storage thing, and the cat would be able jump on to the top of the storage until and then to the mesh! I will start keeping my door closed to avoid potential disaster! I am now at my dad's and will be back at my mom's tomorrow, so I just called my mom and asked her to close the door to my room.
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