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    My new female buckskin crestie was in horrible condition when I bought her at the Cin city reptile expo yesterday, nobody else wanted her and I got her for very cheap which is why I got her, she is very skinny and was sold as having a 'slight front toe issue' which I later looked closer to see every one of her feet were very deformed, she cannot stick to anything at all...not glass, not leaves, not even my coco mat background, when I put her up she ends up just falling, she can't jump either, and no matter what I try she will not eat. The other crestie I got eats fine and gets around great, they get along well, but I need help, what should I feed her and IS THERE ANYWAY TO RESTORE HER TOEPADS? I tried washing them just to no avail.

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    The first thing you should do is separate the geckos immediately. If the thin gecko carries parasites, your other gecko likely already caught them, but by separating them you at least make sure the weaker gecko is not being bullied. In general, it is better to keep crested geckos, even females, by themselves.

    I would have a fecal sample of the new gecko checked at the vet for parasites, and treat both geckos if the test comes back positive. A poor appetite can be normal with a newly acquired gecko, but if she is also very skinny, parasites are a likely culprit. If a breeder has the nerve to even bring an animal in poor health to a reptile expo and sell it, that person might generally neglect their gecko's husbandry, making parasite problems all the more likely.

    Can you post a picture of your new gecko, and also of the feet? Though it sounds like deformed toes may be the least of your gecko's problems. If there are multiple layers of stuck shed, washing alone may not help, and the old skin may only come off with repeated soaking. The malnourishment and possible metabolic bone disease (which can lead to deformed extremities) may be a bigger issue, but without even seeing the gecko I would not attempt a diagnosis.

    Please try to see a vet as soon as possible, and / or contact a local reptile rescue to help with your gecko. I commend you for trying to rescue a sick crestie from a seemingly irresponsible breeder, but if you are not experienced with rescuing sick reptiles, you should get yourself some help with this one.

    For now, put her in a critter keeper by herself, with paper towel substrate and lots of fake plants (anything that can be easily disinfected / put in the dishwasher) near the ground to hide under. Make sure she has access to high-quality food like Pangea and fresh water at all times.

    Please try to post pictures if you can. Good luck!
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