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Thread: Most handleable amphibian/ aquatic creature? URGENT

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    Default Most handleable amphibian/ aquatic creature? URGENT

    Id like an animal i can handle. It needs to be at least part aquatic. Any ideas? It can be any tank size.

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    How about a Chinese water dragon? You're not going to find an aquatic/semi that is handlable. I mean, there are turtles, and you can hold them, but you can't hold them.

    But there is Yelliw Belly Slider Turtles (I have one)
    Painted Turtles (used to have one)
    Red Eared Slider Turtles
    And many many many more. There are gobs of Turtles out there, so I'd rescue one.
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    Thanks, i have a crestie its just i cant feed live.

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    There are really a lot of turtles out there to rescue, but be aware that most turtles need a large tank or even a pond, a heavy duty filter, and they will be with you for a long time. One of my red eared sliders that still lives back home with my parents is 46 years old (older than me ;-)), and she shows no signs of aging.

    If you are up for all this, they can be quite handleable, and they are more responsive than most reptiles. But red eared sliders do also have a very nasty bite. My male once literally took a chunk out of my hand.

    I also used to have a Chinese pond turtle. They remain smaller and are very cute. Probably my tamest turtle was a black marsh turtle. A smaller species and absolutely adorable, but they are no longer in the pet trade, and they are also more delicate than red eared sliders. I would totally adopt one if I saw one for rescue, though.
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