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Thread: Who wants to watch my baby birds grow?

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    Default Who wants to watch my baby birds grow?

    My baby cockatiels are just a few days old, who wants to watch them grow into beautiful birdies? These pictures are in order;
    First pic is baby #1, Athos, when he just hatched. He hatched on the 9th of August.
    Second pic is baby #2, Prothos, when he just hatched. He hatched on the 11th of August.
    Third pic is Athos and Porthos together. As of today, Athos weighs 11.2 grams and Porthos weighs 4.9 grams. As you can see, Athos is just a couple days older then Porthos, however he is almost triple the size. We still have one more eggie waiting to hatch. In these picture> > you can see Athos and Porthos older brother (I think brother ), RiffRaff. And this is Ma and Pa, Kellie and Buddy (I didn't name them lmfao). Ma is yellow and Pa is grey and white>>
    Let me know if you'd like to follow these little guys journey!

    Edit: Aramis, baby #3 just hatched a couple hours ago!! However I didn't get a picture of him. Aramis is a whopping 2.0 grams! Yay the three musketeers is now complete.
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