So I'm planning on buying a gargoyle at my local reptile expo in August and I'm starting to collect the things I need for a viv.

I found great plants at Home Depot, including Dwarf umbrella tree and golden pothos.

Eventually I will clean them with a bleach solution and dechlorinated water, but can I just leave them in regular potting soil until I'm ready? (I have this natural sun lamp that says it puts out 17,000 Kelvin [don't know if that's true but I could use that until I order the Jungle Dawn 13 watt lights).

I haven't been able to find a cheap 18x18x24 exo terra yet. Plus I need to order the substrate and various other things needed online.

Advice on starting a new vivarium?

I'm a beginner at this and don't own any reptiles yet, just a sun conure.